Today, in the premises of the Municipality of Gostivar, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the Institute for Crisis Management-IKM-Skopje and the Municipality.

The representatives of the Institute for Crisis Management-IKM-Skopje, the director Mr. Bekim Kqiku and the head of the Department for training and publications of the Institute Prof. Dr. Ljulјzim Farizi had a constructive conversation with the Mayor of the Municipality of Gostivar, Mr. Arben Taravari. The conversation clearly emphasizes the readiness and satisfaction of constructive cooperation, in order to help increase capacity in the field of crisis management, which aims to improve knowledge and exchange experiences to improve the management system and coordination of crisis management.

An agreement has been reached for mutual cooperation which will be based on the development of education and science in the first place, but will also increase the exchange of professional capacities that will be ready to face risks caused by natural disasters, epidemics and technical-technological incidents. The Director of the Institute for Crisis Management and the Mayor of the Municipality of Gostivar especially expressed their satisfaction with the mutual cooperation, which they agreed would deepen through joint activities related to dealing with crises and natural disasters in our country.