The Institute for Crisis Management IKM-Skopje represented by the head of the Department for training and publications Phd.Prof. Assoc. Ljuljzim Farizi and the Dean of the College of Business-Pristina from the Republic of Kosovo Phd.Prof. Shukeri Kabashi signed a Memorandum of Cooperation.

The cooperation between the signatories, according to the Memorandum, aims to increase the cooperation in the field of education and science, in the process of creating modern functional local policies in the field of crisis management and its professionalization. Through integrated vision, implementation of educational projects and joint efforts of the signatories, it is expected that it will contribute to raising the level of crisis management through joint participation and applications in projects for implementation. At the same time, the cooperation should enable raising and expanding the level of the study direction of the College of Business, and the benefits of the cooperation and the common interest will contribute to the advancement of knowledge and exchange of experiences in the region and beyond.

This memorandum encourages, plans and will carry out activities for regional and international cooperation with other organizations and institutions in order to organize scientific conferences, seminars, webinars and publications of scientific papers.