College Business-Pristina in accordance with the agreement with the Institute for Crisis Management – ICM Skopje, on 12/04/2020 organized a workshop on “COVID-19 Lessons Learned” This workshop was attended by some of the staff of College Business, their administrative part, but also students, industry representatives, community participants, and ALUMNI members from the College of Business.

The purpose of this workshop was to present the lessons learned and achievements resulting primarily from the global pandemic with COVID-19. The conclusion of all participants is mutual that the negative pandemic impact penetrates deeply into all areas of life, and a special challenge is the pandemic confrontation in society.

Lecturers at this workshop were experts from the country and the region. Lectures were given by Prof. Dr. Shucri Kabashi on the topic “Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy of the Republic of Kosovo and its negative effects”, Prof.Ass.Dr. Lulzim Farizi on the topic “COVID-19 pandemic and the negative effects in the field of human rights”, with special emphasis on worker’s rights, Mr. Blerim Burjani on the topic “Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on regional and international relations” and Mr.Margalena Colaku on the topic “COVID-19 pandemic and the negative psychological consequences in society”.

The conclusions of this workshop were the facts that the global pandemic COVID-19 caused big negative consequences in the field of economics, in the field of law, in international relations, as well as in the psychological and social aspect in society in general.

The participants agreed that such trainings and workshops should be organized in the future in order to gain new knowledge from a scientific point of view and to follow the new scientific standards, with the mutual conclusion that such trainings will significantly contribute to managing the crisis caused by the world pandemic.